Accessories Geelong

As a perfect accompaniment to your bridal dress, are you looking for some complementing accessories? The wedding accessories at Bridal House Geelong include tiaras, bridal jewellery, side combs and hairpins, brooches, fascinators, hats, garters and belts.

If you are looking for any of these accessories on hire, then we do offer this scheme. And if you are price-conscious and would like to buy either a dress or tiaras on sale, then look for a good match in the clearance section.

If you reside in Geelong and if you are seeking bridal wear either to buy or on hire and also wedding accessories, visit the Bridal House in Geelong. For any queries, you may call us on 03 5222 6272 or email us at

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We will also be competitive with our pricing and will consider price match or better.