Cancellation Policy

Whilst we at Bridal House are truly grateful for all our bookings, due to a recent increase in “No Show” appointments, we will be introducing a new cancellation policy.

Moving forward into 2023, Bridal House will now be holding card details upon booking, and will charge said card in cases of late cancelations and "no shows".

This is a policy that you may have seen before, with an increasing number of businesses adopting these measures.

Monday-Friday bookings:

$25 cancelation fee with under 24 hours notice.

Saturday bookings:

$35 cancelation fee with under 48 hours notice.

Sunday bookings (open for private bookings only):

$65 cancelation fee with under 24 hours notice.

Please be aware that you will not be charged for making a booking. These fees only apply when there are late cancelations or "no shows"

We ask for your understanding when implementing this new policy, as it is simply to cover our staffs time.

Thank you for your continued loyalty and patience.

20 years
of tradition

We will also be competitive with our pricing and will consider price match or better.